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Bare with us people, i know it as been a long time coming.......Errrrm to long to be fare but we are very nearly there for the re-launch!!! we will be smashing it as before but only a lot better!!!

We have been very busy behind the scenes, launching


our very own record label, And hence why we have not had time to get back on it as we should. Now we are about there we have a great, great list of dj's and artist's lined up & ready to give your ears a treat!!! we promise you we have pure musical pleasure coming your way for 2016.

M.R.Productions first two installments were released on the 25th October 2015:

M.R.P 0001 - D.Quake - The Plagued

M.R.P 0002 - D.Quake - The Hitman Vol 1


The third installment is being released on the 6th December 2015 from our latest artist: Psymonics.

Be sure to look out for:

M.R.P 0003 - Psymonics - Psy FX

Here is a link to M.R.Productions Junodownload page: 

Also here is a link from D.Quake. You can listen to his dj mixes (that have been storming the mixcloud charts) via his mixloud page:



You can now check out our live events Here: 

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