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At Crisp Radio, we pride ourself on having the finest resident DJ's, and guest mixers, playing the best tunes for your audio pleasure.

DJ Name: DJ Panel

Music Styles: Tech House, Minimal Techno

I had my first contact with electronic music at an early age. Accurately with psychedelic trance listening tracks from: S-Range, Shiva Chandra, Electric Universe, Spirallianz, Absolum; this was enough to wake up the huge interest that I have about the whole electronic music culture.

I began forming part a kind of team with some friends to make local parties around 2005 which since then we haven't stopped doing that. Not quite as DJing as a professional like spreading word, but around 2007 I had a basic DJing course which was given by DJ DDR (In that time the only mexican on the roster-schedule of Fractal Records, a label of psytrance based in Bienne, Switzerland) giving me a recognition as DJ.

Just psychedelic was the beggining of this, because nowadays my sessions are from all techno through progressive stuff including the basic rhythms and styles of house. Since then being part in most underground local parties, but so does some importants things like:

  • Get DJ Charts at
  • Participating in live sessions in what was known as Guilibeu at
  • Warm up in Beat 100.9 events
  • Performing in DJ Concept Magazine, Vari Internacional
  • Acoustic Project demonstrations at G Martell College of Music and Audio

I do either at Expo Sound:Check at Mexico City's World Trade Center on Stanton's stand. These days I've been performing in all kinds of parties including non-electronic; Puebla, DF, Acapulco, Monterrey, and my hometown have listened to me, maybe I've been heard only in Mexico, but I have crossed the line in radio programs on a distinguished radio online based in London, UK. Now I'm studying a specialist certificate on music production at Berkleemusic subarea online of Berklee College of Music located Boston, MA and taking some audio seminars in Meyer Sound.

DJ Name: DJ Kidd Kurrupt

Music Styles: Dub Step, Trance, Tech-House

DJ Kidd Kurrupt was born on Dec 8, 1987 in LaPlata Maryland (U.S.A). At the tender age of ten I started DJing for the very first time in June 1, 1998 at an underground reggae bashment an after my first gig I was hooked.

I found out at a young age that I had an ear for music and a talent for mixing different genres of music like old school hiphop, reggae, and funk. My father was a DJ at the time also and he noticed that I was practicing on the turntables every chance that I got. My father started me off with a few gigs on Saturdays at local block parties during the summer time. After a few gigs I started to make a name for myself in the neighborhood as the young Kidd that can put it down on the turntables.

A few years went by and I, DJ Kidd Kurrupt started to get more shows and a large following in the underground reggeaton scene and techno raves.

DJ Name: DJ Havikk

Music Styles: Drum & Bass

Known as one of the nicest and approachable DJs in the game, Havikk started spinning in early 2000, for 2 months straight having only 3 drum n bass records to mix. He began making a name for himself in the VA underground party scene, and developing his now signature "electrostep" sound

Pioneered by his idol John B. Relocating to Dallas TX in the summer of 2010, we find Havikk front & center in the Texas drum n bass scene. With his guest spots on internet radio stations, his side project Deception Inc., and near legendary podcasts, his one goal is simply this - "at the end of the night, i want people to be leaving saying 'damn, that dj made my night!'"

His live sets are known for genre-bending, massive tunes, and he loves interacting with his audience. If there is a microphone at hand, you can guarantee Havikk will be on it, inciting his crowds to near frenzy.

DJ Name: wade cameron

Music Styles: thumpin house & breaks

As a DJ, Wade has been working the turntables since 2001. His passion for music, dancing and enjoying the moment has combined into a crowd pleasing performance for everyone. Wade is known to interact with his audience bringing a personal touch to the party.

DJ Wade Cameron brings a special blend of music that combines multiple genres, decades and people on to the dance floor. There are so many classical moments in music history and DJ Wade brings them all to you in new ways. He is mostly known for his crowd pleasing electro and progressive house. He also enjoys mixing in break beats, dub step, drum and bass and also working with live musicians.

Wade has performed at many bars, and night clubs throughout Denver, Boulder and Ft. Collins. Some of his longer residencies and guest appearances have been at Jackson's' Hole in Denver, the Vault in Ft. Collins and most recently the Oasis in Denver, and the Absinthe House Boulder.

Keepin the floor movin'

DJ Name: DJ D.Quake

Music Styles: Old School, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Reggae & Ragga

DJ D.Quake mixing it upD.Quake has been DJ’ing for the best part of 20 years within the nottingham nightclub scene.

He has also run a series of club nights across the midlands and also featured on a few pirate stations back in the early 90’s. His musical journey started back in the early 80’s with Reggae, Break Dance & Early Hip Hop. Then as the 90’s kicked in Rave took control!! It was when the Jungle Cross Over came that D.Quake was in his element and still is today. Catch his show’s here on

DJ Name: DJ Detail

Music Styles: Hip Hop, Funk & Soul

Dj Detail has been playing in a number of clubs & bars in Nottingham and surrounding cities for the last 7 years. For 5 of those years he was a Hip Hop Resident Dj for the very successful & established Drum & Bass and Hip Hop Club Night  'Detonate'.

With a love of hip hop, funk, soul and collecting any records with heavy drum breaks. Dj Detail has warmed up for many big artists including Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Cash Money, Roots Manouva, Taskforce, Ugly Duckling, Scratch Perverts and Edan.

These Day's you can catch Dj Detail at his monthly Hip Hop, Funk & Soul Night 'The Hustle' @ The Golden Fleece, Nottingham or of course you can catch his shows here on

DJ Name: Mr Doo

As far as Old School goes, I’m feeling any Hip Hop from 79-93, but 88-93 was when Hip Hop was at the forefront of my listening pleasure.

I like some new stuff, but this was when the tunes were rocking and MC’s had some proper skills. From about 93 I got into Jungle and Hardcore and started going out to events in 95. Places like Vibealite, Doncaster Warehouse, Die Hard, Helter Skelter, Dreamscape etc. After a few more years got into house with Mr Madah and the other boys and all kinds of other stuff from there. Electronica, Older House/Rave music 88-92 etc.

A few years later still and I shared a house with my mate Al McGowan and he got me more into the source of all this music. The raw Funk, soul and disco... RESPECT!

Simply, the older sounds are better. It can still be new, but it needs to have the funk and feeling to make me want me to buy it. I’m a big supporter of vinyl too. The artwork, the time digging through the crates, the feeling you get when you first hear those fresh sounds and the enjoyment you get from mixing that vinyl together now that’s what I’m talking bout man.

DJ Name: Pokerback

Pokerback has been DJ’ing for the last 6 years, with gigs in his local dublin and as far as ibiza and london in between!

He held his own weeekly radio show “Pokerback and Friends” on Friday nights on up until july last year.

With sets on Infusion FM, Pulse FM, To The Max Radio UK, and not to mention a string of productions under his belt; including a release on beatport through spanish record label incense records; 2011 looks set to be a busy year for the wicklow resident!

DJ Name: Fabio Ferreira

Music Styles: Trance

I brought my first pair of decks at the age of 19. Later I then formed The Bouncin' Management with Dave Saxton (The Klubb Krayz). We both played a bouncy euro style which rocked dancefloors accross Nottingham. The Klubheads played a huge part in influencing our style.

We got our first two residencies at a small bar called New Rumours & a night club called The Edge in Nottingham playing at a night called Pilgrimage, Later landing more ressidencies at De10SsHn, Urban Noise and also Fierce.

We then moved onto a german style hard techno, Changing our name to 'The Klubb Krayz' befor going our separate ways. I have worked with other artists like Digital Kid, Christiaan Koujizer and Chris Hoff to name a few and have appeared on track listings for Carl Cox and Trevor Rockcliffe.

Now solo I love trance, With the likes of Sean Tyas, Above and Beyond, Armin Van Buuran and Alex M.O.R.P.H influencing my musical style and procution.

DJ Name: K2

Music Styles: Drum & Bass

Profile coming soon...

DJ Name: The Omen

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DJ Name: Mr Maddah

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DJ Name: Alex Mcgowan

Music Styles: Soul & Funk

Profile coming soon...

DJ Name: DJ Blitz

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DJ Name: Andy Sweet & M.C. I.O.U

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